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Scriptrunner for Jira Training#12


Adding training for Scriptrunner for Jira would be awesome.

a year ago

Hi @Judy.percy . As an FYI, we’re going to begin work on Learn for Jira Cloud soon, and it will launch with a ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud training course. This course will cover more topics than just how to use the built-in scripts (which our current tutorials do). We plan to teach some fundamentals of Groovy programming and how to write ScriptRunner scripts for Jira including how to reference the Java and Jira APIs.

We’re starting with SR4J Cloud because that limits the scope some and is a bit more approachable, but I fully anticipate that we’ll extend that training after it is launched and we’ll bring it to Server :-)

a year ago
Changed the title from "Scriptrunner Training" to "Scriptrunner for Jira Training"
a year ago