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LEarn for JIRA not loading in internet explorer#15


LEarn for JIRA not loading in internet explorer.Please suggest

3 months ago

We have investigated the problem you are seeing with the app not loading while using IE 11. We have determined that the reason for the error is that IE 11 does not currently support Javascript ES6, a standard that was released in 2015 A significant portion of our application code is using features that were introduced in ES6 and it is not an easy matter to try to translate that into something that is backwards compatible with IE 11. With IE end of life slated for August, 2021 and its small and shrinking market share we cannot justify the effort to rewrite the application to work in IE 11. You had indicated that you had access to other browsers like Edge and Chrome and hopefully the team can utilize Learn on those browsers.

2 months ago
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18 days ago